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Warsaw Caves

The boys and I drove about an hour away today to an amazing conservation area!! There was a lovely lake, and hiking paths and caves that the boys could explore! 

We had a fantastic day, even though mom chickened out and didn’t go in any of the caves! lol   


$1300 Raised!!

Well it has been a crazy month of getting these fundraisers organized and pulled off, but we did it!!! And we raised a whopping $1300 for the hospital for Sick Children!!! 

I am so grateful to everyone who helped makes these events a success! And I sure learned a lot!!!


Kids Helping Kids

My boys saw me working on the fundraisers for SickKids and wanted to do something themselves to raise some money for the cause. 

The SickKids coloured bracelets are $2 each and will be on sale at the Zumbathon!! 

They’ve been working hard!!!


My Sweet, Brave boy!

Xander and I have made our bi-monthly track into SickKids for a check up today.

We just got his blood work done and he didn’t bat an eye.  He never ceases to amaze me!!! I am so very proud to be his Mum:))


Looking so Dough!

The boys and I are so excited for the good weather, that we just had to get out and enjoy it!!!

We took out bikes and a picnic and headed down to the path along the lake. We had a fantastic afternoon of riding and hiking down to the lake to throw rocks.


When the adventures were over, we picked a spot to have our picnic, spread out our blanket and got busy eating!!! 

Half way through our meal, Ethan takes my sunglasses off and puts them on himself and says…

“I’m all up in the club, looking so dough!” Lol

I very gently told him that the word he was trying to use should be DOPE! lol

But he wasn’t wrong – he looks both dope and dough:)  


The door is closed

Xander, Ethan and I had just had a lovely dinner together. I was in the kitchen cleaning up and Xander asked me if he could have an ice cream for desert.

I said sure, so he went to the freezer and got an ice cream out. As the door to the freezer was closing, Ethan said “Xan, can you get me one too?” To which my oldest child replied, “I’m sorry but the door is closed.”

Can you believe that! The door is closed!! He was still standing right next to the fridge, but apparently once the door to the fridge is closed, it is closed forever!!! 

Project 52 {details}

When I first saw the prompt for this weeks picture I thought – no problem! There are details everywhere! But then when it came time to take a picture of details, I was stumped!

I eventually settled on taking a picture of a painting I did a while back called ‘Mystic Sailing’. It is a very heavily textured painting, so I took some close ups of the painting to show you the ‘details’.

Not the most creative idea – but it’s all I got:)

Mystic Sailing

Details #1

Details #2

Details #3

Details #4

Since this one stumped me so much, I am really looking forward to seeing what everyone else came up with!

project 52 p52 weekly photo challenge my3boybarians.com

In the Picture {black & white}

This month’s self portrait theme over at In the Picture was ‘Black & White’.

I am getting more and more comfortable in front of the camera, but not yet confident. Therefore all of my pictures are taken in the privacy of my house. One day I’ll venture out into the daylight – but probably not one day soon:)

Anyway, here are my 4 black and white selfies for this month.

Can’t wait to see what you all came up with!

I’m linking up with In the Picture at Urban Muser – check everyone out through the link below.


In The Picture



Caribbean Cooking {bajan fishcakes}

Here’s another recipe from my Caribbean Cookbook. Enjoy!

Hope you like it!

Skinny(ish) by Summer

While our last Challenge left us all approximately 10lbs lighter, none of us are happy where we are. We all still have some weight left to lose, some more than others (I’m the more:). So we have decided to go another round with the Challenge – hoping to be skinny by summer!

We started back yesterday, and I’m already hating it!!! But I want to get rid of this weight so… no choice really. Here is how this is going to work:

Weekly Weigh Ins

Every week we will weigh in with each other and calculate the points we got for the week based on the following:

4 hours of exercise = 2 pts

Sticking to your calories for the week = 2 pts

Each lb lost = equivalent pts

Mini Skinny Weigh Ins

Every 3 weeks we will tally up the points and declare a winner for that period.

Weigh In #1:  April 16th

Weigh In #2:  May 7th

Weigh In #3:  May 28th

Weigh In #4:  June 18th

With the Final Weigh In: Monday 25th June, 2012

The winner, every 3 weeks, will receive $15US (each month), from the other 2 participants. Every new month, the points will reset.

The overall winner at the end of the 3 months will be determined on June 25th by the % of weight lost.  That person will receive $25US from the other 2 participants.

The penalty for quitting is $25US and eternal shame and mocking from all members of our family (and you know we will!!!)

Good Luck Ladies!