Hi!  I’m Bridget and I’m from Barbados.  I’ve been married for 10 years and have 2 beautiful boys.

In 2006 our eldest son got diagnosed with a chronic illness and rocked our world… we had to move from our beautiful island to be closer to better health care. In 2007 my husband, Alex (tech support for this site:) found a job here. So even though my island girl body physically rejects any temperatures under 75’F – we now we live in Canada!

In Barbados I worked full time (and had a housekeeper who also worked full time:).  Now I am home with my kids full time and I’m the housekeeper. Although I LOVE being home with them… I’d be lying if I didn’t say – that was an adjustment:)

I have a part-time job, which I do from home thanks to the genius of the Internet!  Being home has afforded me the time to find that I have a passion for baking, building, abstract painting and crafts of all kinds. My most recent love is photography.

So this blog simply is about my life – my attempt to settle into a new place, while working from home with 2 demanding boys, and the fun things we all get up to in our spare time.  Hope you enjoy it!