While our last Challenge left us all approximately 10lbs lighter, none of us are happy where we are. We all still have some weight left to lose, some more than others (I’m the more:). So we have decided to go another round with the Challenge – hoping to be skinny by summer!

We started back yesterday, and I’m already hating it!!! But I want to get rid of this weight so… no choice really. Here is how this is going to work:

Weekly Weigh Ins

Every week we will weigh in with each other and calculate the points we got for the week based on the following:

4 hours of exercise = 2 pts

Sticking to your calories for the week = 2 pts

Each lb lost = equivalent pts

Mini Skinny Weigh Ins

Every 3 weeks we will tally up the points and declare a winner for that period.

Weigh In #1:  April 16th

Weigh In #2:  May 7th

Weigh In #3:  May 28th

Weigh In #4:  June 18th

With the Final Weigh In: Monday 25th June, 2012

The winner, every 3 weeks, will receive $15US (each month), from the other 2 participants. Every new month, the points will reset.

The overall winner at the end of the 3 months will be determined on June 25th by the % of weight lost.  That person will receive $25US from the other 2 participants.

The penalty for quitting is $25US and eternal shame and mocking from all members of our family (and you know we will!!!)

Good Luck Ladies!