Wishing {for a baby}

As I’ve mentioned, we spent March break at the cottage up north. The boys had a blast – they love playing with all of their cousins, especially their 18 month old cousin – William. ¬†When it came time to leave the cottage, this conversation took place:

Xander said, “Mum, can we bring William home with us?”

No hun, we can’t.

Ethan says, “Awww :(“

Xander leans down and whispers something in his ear.

Ethan smiles.

I say, “What was that?”

Ethan says, “Xander said don’t worry – that you are going to grow us another one!” (meaning a baby)

To which I reply, “Um – I don’t think so honey.”

Ethan, “Why Mum, cause you growed us already?”

Yeah – that sounds about right to me!

The truth is that I would love another baby. But me being home with the kids means that we are down one income, and kids – well they are expensive:)

So for now I am thrilled with the 2 I have! I really do adore these boys!

But if we hit the lottery one day soon – I’ll have a gaggle!


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