The Challenge

My oh my, am I in a slump. This is the second week in a row where I did not get in my calories or my exercise!  This is the end of Week 15 – so only 1 week left in this 4 week session, points tally and bragging rights next week!

I’m still feeling pretty awful today, I’ve got a terrible cold and my breathing is really bugging me. Because of having all my Asthma tests scheduled for tomorrow, I haven’t been able to use any of my puffers since Saturday. So I don’t see myself getting back on the band wagon this week either:(

I am going to set my calories this week to lose 1lb and hope for the best. I hope you guys did better than I did!

Having said that, I did managed to lose 0.3lbs. I think that’s really a false reading, I just didn’t eat or drink much of anything yesterday because of this cold, so I think I’m dehydrated. But I’ll take it – a loss is a loss:)

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