Tuesday’s Tutorial {Mario & Luigi Hats}

As most of you know by now, we are having a Mario themed birthday party for my youngest’s 5th birthday party. As promised last week – I finally did the tutorial on how to make Mario & Luigi hats.

I am not a great sewer, but they really weren’t that hard to make. I think they turned out pretty cute, but I am a little biased:)

Anyway, if your kids are as Mario crazy as mine are – here’s how to do it:

Materials Needed to Make 1 Hat

2 – 1ft x 1ft pieces of red or green felt
3 inch circle of sticky, white felt with an M of L cut out
6 inch square of batting
sewing machine & thread


Place the 2 1ft squares of felt on top of each other. Find a circular object with a diameter of 12 inches and use it to trace around and draw a circle on your felt. Cut those circles out.

Next find another circular object with a diameter of 5-6 inches, and use that to trace a circle in the middle of one of the 12 inch circles you just cut out. Cut the smaller circle out. Keep that small inner circle to use for the brim.

Next, get your batting and cut out a circle slightly smaller than the one you have for the brim, about a 4 inch diameter. Then cut both the batting and felt circle in half. Iron the batting onto both halves of the felt, as shown below.

Now place the 2 halves together, with the felt sides touching. Sew them together, leaving open the flat side. Sew as close to the batting as you can without sewing on it. Cut off the excess felt and turn the brim inside out.

Cut an arch in the brim to match the inner circle where you will be attaching the brim. Then sew the brim to the 12 inch circle of felt that has the smaller, inner circle cut out.

Take the full 12 inch circle and lay it against the circle you just sewed the brim onto, with the brim on the inside. Sew the 2 circles together.

Once you’ve sewn the 2 circles together, turn it inside out and stick your white circle of felt on above the brim. Voilà – you have a Mario or Luigi hat:)

Check back tomorrow for the downloadable M and L logos for the front of the hats, and the Moustaches too.

These hats are for Ethan’s birthday party, but I think they are going to have to be Mario & Luigi for Halloween this year too!

Have fun sewing!

4 Responses to “Tuesday’s Tutorial {Mario & Luigi Hats}

  • thank you its very helpful :)

  • Deb Clark
    3 years ago

    Thanks so much for sharing this. Looks awesome!!! Going to make one today for my little grandson.

  • thankyou bridget! this is very helpful!

  • did you put all of the steps in ?

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