The Challenge

Week 8 is done and I think I now weigh what I did when we started this darn thing 8 weeks ago! But the kids started back at school today, so I am hoping I can get myself back into it – hardcore  now.

My Mum has had house guests over Christmas that left yesterday, so I know she is starting back full guns again today too. I think Janine had a pretty good week, and I’m sure she’ll be back in gear this week too.

So here’s how things went for me this week… I put on another pound:(  Clearly I’m not getting back on track a minute too soon!




Calorie Points




Exercise Points




Weight Loss Points -1  -1.6  -0.4





So the winner of this 4 week session is… ME!!!!!! You know Christmas is a hard time to lose weight when the winner of our session put ON 2.4lbs!

To date this is how things stand:
Bridget has 5.8 points
Mum has 1.4 points
Janine is minus 0.6 points

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The Challenge

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