The Challenge

Week 4 down! This is the juncture where we stop and take a look at how everyone’s done in the Points for this 4 week section.  Coming into this week Janine was in the lead, so we’ll see shortly if she is the person who will be taking my money.  One thing is for sure though, either way – I’m out $15!

Well, here we go again…

I lost 2lbs!  I am very happy with that!  It sucks that I lost that this week, though.  Because I there is no way I can win this 4 week session.  So I would have preferred the weight to have come off next week instead – to give me a good start on the next 4 week session:)

Oh well, I am down a total of 6lbs for the 4 weeks, which is an average of 1.5lbs a week – I can’t be mad at that! If I can keep this rate of weight loss up, I should be able to reach my goal weight by March 15th.

How did the other ladies do?




Calorie Points




Exercise Points




Weight Loss Points 2 1.6  1.4





Well my Mum is down a total of 8lbs and Janine is down a whopping 11lbs!

Here is how we stack up in the points department…
Bridget – 20 points
Linda    – 22 points
Janine  – 21   points

So my Mum is the big winner and will be the recipient of our $$$:)  Congrats Mum!

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The Challenge

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  • linda
    4 years ago

    I Love your blog. You do a great job on it. It is fun and interesting

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