Am I Being Played?

Last week Wednesday I got a call from the school asking me to come and pick up Ethan:- he had a tummy ache and was not feeling well.  I of course did, but when we got home he appeared to be fine (although he did go straight to sleep and stayed that way for 2 hours).

Craft Stick Christmas Trees

The boys and I have been busy crafting!  Crafting has always been my go-to fun thing to do with the boys…  I am dreading the day when they don’t think it’s fun anymore!  But that day isn’t here yet – so let’s get to it:)

The Challenge

Week 2 down! 16 more weeks to go! This week SUCKED for me.  I don’t think I lost anymore weight, and I know that my Mum & sister-in-law did.  I am trying hard not to feel discouraged, but am not really succeeding:(

Weekend Window {Blue Mountain}

We spent the weekend at my parents condo in Collingwood.  They got it rented out for the winter season, so we had to come up and do a few things before the renters arrive. Don’t worry – we’ve managed to squeeze in some fun too:) We hiked all the way up and then back down Blue Mountain (the picture above is of a gorgeous Birch tree trunk we saw on our hike), went to the local Legion and saw an army tank, went swimming and to the park.  Not bad:)

I’m Baaaack:)

In my youth, from the age of 6-16 I was a competitive swimmer.  I represented Barbados for a lot of those years.  Having said that, the number of times I have really put in a good swim workout in the last 19 years, could be counted on my fingers and toes.


What should I do when I have 4 loads of laundry to fold, 3 reports to finish for work, a house to clean and packing to do for our trip?  Work on our family Christmas card – of course!

Command Central

Yesterday was a bad day for me.  I woke up at 3am with a killer migraine that no amount of drugs could control.  I literally spent the entire day in a dark room with my eyes closed.  After school I mustered up the will to get the boys homework done with them, but after that they had to fend for themselves!


They aren`t just for colouring!  When I saw my sister-in-law last week, I noticed she had this gorgeous painting in her sons room that she had done, using melted Crayons.  She had seen the idea on Pinterest and gave it a try.  I loved how it turned out and thought the boys would love doing it, so we gave it a try too!

The Challenge

Week 1 down! 17 more gruelling weeks to go! That is, of course, assuming that I don’t quit before then:) But seriously, lets see how we all did, shall we?

Weekend Window {The Carter’s Visit}

This weekend my sister-in-law, Erica and her family came out for a visit.  As always, it was lovely seeing them – especially little Benjamin:)  He is such a cute kid!  My boys adore him and fawned over him all day!  I say that as though it was only the boys fawning, but truth be told – I held him every chance I got:)